Bitecore Ltd. – About us

Bitecore Ltd is an independent company that got started as a hobby and from the love for video games. The founder, Antti Meriläinen, has made games since his childhood and the idea of starting his own company came a few years ago. We will always create games that we enjoy playing. Games should be fun to create and you should enjoy every second of it. Our target platforms are Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) and Nintendo Wii U.



Latest News

Cap-shop is now open

Now you can get it. Buy your own Bitecore-cap 35e (incl. VAT) + shipping. At this moment, shipping only... read more

Facebook competition

If you have Facebook, take part in the competition. Instructions for participation: “Like, comment & share” And you could win free... read more

Only 7 days left for PlayStation Store Easter Sale

Only 7 days left for PlayStation Store Easter Sale. Bounce Rescue! is now only €1.95 / £1.69 (60% discount). Get... read more

PlayStation Store’s Easter Sale starts today

PlayStation Store’s annual Easter Sale has begun and we are involved in it. Bounce Rescue! is now 60% discount... read more

Contact Information

Visiting address: Kyöstintie 8, 84100 Ylivieska, Finland

Phone: +(358) 40 166 4553

Fax: +(358) 10 752 0004


Business ID: 2674541-4